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7 Places To Be Washington D.C.

In the heart of the United States, where history echoes through grand monuments, vibrant museums house treasures of art and knowledge, I spend some days walking around to see what the city has to offer. It's picturesque views make the capital city a haven for both art enthusiasts and shutterbugs.

I've made a list of my favorite 7 places, and here is everything you need to know before your visit.




The Kreeger Museum was on top of my list. Being the only museum which was taking and entry fee, I was not hesitating when I saw the sculpure garden. We had to go. This museum is location a little off the center of Washington D.C., I recommend driving here. On the website it was mentioned that you should make a reservation in advance if you want to make sure that there is space and that the parking attached to the place is limited - I would defenitly be prepaired in high season so you don't miss it.


Where ever I travel, I always want to smell the flowers. The U.S. Botanic Garden had a beautiful collection of Orchids. On the left you see a Dendrobium Jenkinsi, my favorite on the right, a Cattleya. A stunning variety in shapes and colours. Entrance is free.

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